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Children’s Program

Our children’s program uses the Early Years Learning Framework or EYLF. This is built on the recognition that children start learning from birth and even pre-birth and that providing children with the right environment, tools, guidance and methods of learning can actually help to increase their ability to learn throughout their lives.

It is not a prescriptive curriculum, but, rather a set of principles that is used to help stimulate and therefore ensure every child’s ability to learn. This framework allows us to tailor the program around each individual child’s specific needs and interests as well as our families and community.

Children are provided with a variety of experiences during any pre-school day. This includes opportunity for individual and group activities.  Program planning is shared among all educators, children and families. Educators use a curriculum approach that allows the program to be developed on an ongoing cycle. These plans are guided by the 5 Learning Outcomes in the EYLF.  Ideas from conversations or other interactions with children are implemented into the program, often immediately. Educators view children as active participants and decision makers and recognise that children are capable and resourceful. This opens up possibilities for educators to move beyond preconceived expectations as to what children can do and learn.

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