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Our Philosophy

In relation to South West Rocks Preschool, our service philosophy is a written statement of our:

  • Beliefs

  • Values

  • Attitudes

  • Principles

  • Practices

Together these guide our:

  • Relationships

  • Interaction

  • Practices

  • Policies

  • Procedures

  • Children's experiences

  • Learning Environments

  • Decision Making

Our philosophy is revised regularly to ensure that it continues to reflect the current beliefs and values of all stakeholders, as well as current daily practices. Childhood is a time for 'Belonging, Being, Becoming'. (from EYLF).


Our Philosophy is written in relation to what we believe about:

  • Children

  • Families

  • Curriculum

  • Community

  • Staff / Colleagues

  • Environment

We uphold the following principles and practices:


i) With regard to children we will:

  • Ensure all children feel safe, supported, included and confident.

  • Foster a sense of belonging to their family, preschool and communities.

  • Respect that childhood is for 'being' in the here and now, to be a child and to explore joyfully!

  • Respect the right to 'be a child' and to be removed from the stresses and responsibilities of the adult world.


ii) With regard to families we:

  • Know and appreciate that families are the most significant and influential part of a child's early development

  • Foster respectful and collaborative relationships with families and encourage their individual contributions

  • Provide education and support to our families and respect their individual circumstances, cultural and child rearing beliefs.


iii) With regard to Curriculum we will:

  • Implement and embrace the 'Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).  It's principles, practices and learning outcomes are embedded in our curriculum.

  • Provide a positive, inviting and comfortable learning environment that is aesthetically pleasing

  • Respect that children are capable, competent and able to contribute to decisions regarding their own learning.

  • Acknowledge that social experiences are an important context for learning.


iv) With regard to Community we will:

  • Recognise that our children and families also belong to many other communities such as cultural, religious, neighbourhood, local, Australian, world.

  • Establish, value and maintain links with local community groups

  • Reflect local community culture and values in our curriculum and policy development

  • Acknowledge and be involved in local community activities.

  • Advocate for early childhood as being paramount in the development of our children 

  • Access appropriate agencies to ensure needs of families and children are met.

  • Liaise with local schools to facilitate smooth transitions.


v) With regard to staff members we will:

  • Act with professionalism in relation to children, families, colleagues and management.

  • Abide by the ECA Code of Ethics

  • Ensure that interactions with children are respectful, meaningful and nurturing.

  • Seek and build supportive collegial relationships with staff and management.

  • Ensure that or responsibilities with regard to care and education are met, and strive to be exceeded.

  • Engage in reflective practices with regard to children's development and learning, equality and social justice and of ourselves as educators.

  • Respond with careful planning to the outcomes of our reflective practice.


vi) With regard to the Environment we will:

  • Instil in our children, families and community a respect and responsibility to the environment.

  • Provide a rich environment, both indoors and out, that will invite opportunities for interaction with the natural world.

  • Give our children, families and community access to natural spaces and materials throughout all aspects of the curriculum.

  • Actively promote environmentally sustainable practices, so that these are embedded in our everyday lives.

  • Be ever mindful of our responsibility to teach our children to love and respect the world that will become theirs.

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