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How is our preschool managed?

South West Rocks preschool is a community based service.  This means that it is owned and managed by the community and administered by a Management Committee in conjunction with the Director.  The Management Committee is made up of community members and users of the service who are elected at our annual general meeting held in March each year. They have  the responsibility for governance. 

What is governance?

Governance refers to the systems within a service which deals with how the service is controlled and operates.  It includes the policies, procedures and decision making processes by which the service and its people work and to which they are accountable.  Governance can include decisions about:

  • The future direction of the service

  • Developing policies and procedures that ensure sound financial management and legal compliance.

  • Managing the service's people

  • Evaluating progress and accountability.

It is usually about setting the policy framework within the operation rather than being about day to day matters.

The management team:

  • The Committee

  • The Director (and any other executive staff).


The Committee has strategic and governance responsibility and the Director has day to day operational responsibilities.  The Director's role also includes providing advice, information and support to the committee. 

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