Meet Our Staff: 

we don't (necessarily) look like this. 

Cally Pratt - Director

I consider myself very fortunate to be doing the job that I always wanted to do!  From a child, I always wanted to be a 'Kindergarten teacher'.  My choice really never wavered, so after studying at Charles Sturt University off I went on a career in Early Childhood education and Care!  My job is never dull, always interesting and sometimes challenging!


Primary School and TAFE as well as other Mid North Coast Early Childhood Centres have been my previous employment experiences.


 I remember as a child - my preschool was in the teacher's house. Her name was Mrs Pointer and she played the piano.  We played in a room in her house as well as in her garden.


Children's services have changed quite a bit since then, but childhood is still about 'being'in the moment' and enjoying the learning that is taking place all day every day! 


South West Rocks Pre School has been an important part of our community for many years. We have a lovely friendly environment of which I am proud. We We always welcome new families to our

pre school family.

Nicole Laverack - Bookkeeper

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(Chelsea 3yrs)

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Stacey Mottee - Room Leader

For as long as I can remember, care and education of children has always been a passion for me.  From baby sitting as a young teenager to working in education and care centres to having my own four beautiful children.

I believe that children learn through play and each child will develop differently from their peers.  I know that to create a nurturing, educational, social, home-like environment, I need to work within the context of families , community and the environment.

Eva Baker  - 
 Cert 3

I have been employed as an Early Childhood professional  for 31 years.  During this time I have worked in a variety of early childhood settings:  home base care, preschools, long day care, outside of school care at the John Hunter Hospital.  I have had many different roles in my career; Support worker, team member, team leader, second in charge and a play specialist.

Over the years I have been very fortunate to have been involved with some amazing, dedicated professionals and attended many training services.  These experiences and my own principles are the foundations of my early childhood practices.  I feel that all children have a right to high quality care and education. I believe it is my role to ensure that I nurture their learning by providing an environment that is stimulating, challenging, supportive and reflective of their uniqueness, their interests and their families' culture.

Blythe Baker - Educator Cert 3

I have always enjoyed being surrounded by children but am actually overwhelmed at how being in child-care has lifted my spirits and made me thoroughly enjoy my job. It is always a pleasure coming to work and being welcomed by the most amazing children and staff every day.  No single day is the same!  I feel very privileged to work with children and watch them grow and reach their full potential.


I believe each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world.  I will help children to develop to their full potential by believing in them as capable individuals. I will assist children in discovering who they are so they can express themselves.


Children have taught me to open my mind and my heart to the joys, the innocence and the diversity in the world. Because of this I will never forget how to smile with the new and cherish the old.

Carol Adey
Educator Cert 3

I have worked in various roles including youth work and my own business in Kempsey.

Since completing my Certificate 3 in Education and Care, I have worked in the role of educator in several Children's services in the Macleay.


I see my role as not only one of education, but  to support my colleagues and our  families. 

I think it is important to enjoy your children whilst they are little as it is the foundation of your relationship with them later on. It is a really precious time that won't last forever!

I have had the pleasure of working at South West Rocks Preschool for over 5 years now.  I must admit that in all my working career I have not met such a hard working and cooperative team of people who give 110% at all times (I love numbers!).

As the mother of a son who has attended the preschool I have nothing but praise for all the educators in the way they interacted with my son and supported me as a parent.

As a community run preschool, we rely on parents paying fees to survive.  I appreciate all those parents who pay their accounts on time thus saving us time and money.

South West Rocks Pre School Inc

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