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Preschool Fees



Important information regarding Start Strong Fee Relief from the NSW Government:


The NSW Government is providing fee relief to families through the Start Strong Affordable Preschool initiative as part of the Early Years Commitment.


From 2024, families with children who are at least 3 years old on or before 31 July 2024 and who are enrolled in a community or mobile preschool service may save up to $4,220 each year.


How the fee relief works:


  • The funding for your child’s fee relief will be provided to our service, directly from the NSW Government, and we will pass this fee relief on to you as a reduction to your fees.

  • You cannot receive fee relief at more than one early childhood education service.

  • If you choose South West Rocks Pre School to receive your fee relief, it will be allocated to you across the calendar year as free fees (no charge) for 2 days per week.

  • If your child will be attending another service that offers fee relief (another community preschool, long day care or family day care service), you will need to choose which service you would like to receive fee relief from.

  • If your child attends another early childhood service, and you choose the other service to receive the fee relief, then you will be charged full fee at South West Rocks Pre School. Please see the fee schedule for these rates. This is available at the front office.


To access your fee relief, you must:

  1. Complete a declaration form from the NSW Department of Education

  2. Return the form to us as soon as possible.


It’s important that you complete this form so that we know if our service should apply fee relief to your child’s fee statement.

South West Rocks is a non-profit community preschool and which receives state government funding.  This means that enrolled families do not need to register for CCS with Centrelink for fee purposes. Fees are set by the management committee to be as affordable as possible.   

Fee Payments


A one off non refundable administration fee of $100 is payable for all new enrolments, and we request that daily fees (if applicable) be kept two weeks in advance at all times.  The balance of fees can be paid in a lump sum for the term in advance, or in smaller increments as arranged. Preferred payment method is direct deposit. Please note: Casual days incur additional fees.

Casual Days

Casual days are available to families where there is a casual vacancy. These days can be booked with the office staff but are very limited. Fees are payable for these days and current rates are available at the office.

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